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About Us

A lot of different factors make up a church. We know it can be frustrating to really understand what a church is all about, so we'll try to answer any questions we can right here. If you've never visted Crossroads and just want to learn more, you've found the right part of the website.  There's a lot of information represented in the following pages (use the menu to your right to navigate), but if you still have any questions feel free to contact us! Here's what each of the "About Us" pages mean...



Meet the leadership team of our church.

Our Purpose:

The most fundamental reason we exist as a church.

Our Values:

Things we integrate into everything we do; standards for all operations.

Mission Satement:

Goals and pursuits of our church, some we've met, some we're working to achieve.

Statement of Faith:

The nuts and bolts of our doctrine and what we belive, a complete and thorough exposition of our heart as a ministry.